Biogas and Biomethane

What do we do

Biowaste specializes in the biogas and biomethane plants (upgrading) design, construction, management and control for heat and electricity production.

The correct management and transformation of by-products and organic waste represents a double winning strategy since disposal costs are reduced and resources considered as waste are enhanced through the production of renewable energy and bio fuels.

Our experience allows us to offer to the Customer integrated solutions that include all processes related to the production of energy starting from different biomasses, such as livestock waste, agricultural products and by-products, sewage sludge, OFMSW and any other agro-processing waste: food, industrial and urban. Biowaste has also developed its own technology for removing nitrogen from digestate with extremely low investment and operating costs in order to make our biogas and biomethane plants increasingly eco-compatible.

Diagram of a Biogas Plant

Areas of application


Agricultural and Livestock


Industrial Food

Biowaste- settore urbano


Benefits of Biowaste Technology

Versatility and reliability

Although international in scope, we are a completely Italian company, and our business concept and organization are able to conceive, design and manufacture versatile and reliable plants.

Business Plan Optimization

With a series of plant optimizations, we are able to refine business plans from both an operating and procurement cost and revenue perspective, producing high-performance plants.

Maximizing yield

Due to design and construction versatility, our plants maximize the production yield of both biogas and biomethane.


Our engineers design and build plants operating with any type of biomass in a way that optimizes costs and, most importantly, makes a waste or by-product a significant economic resource for the Client.

Mesopotamia Energy S.A

EAL Compost- 4000 kWe

Soc. Agricola Pontoni- 100 kWe

Tomatis Farm – 249 kWe

Bio Preveza – 999 kWe

Soc. Agricola Licitra – 300 kWe

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