Waste and Primary Water Treatment

What do we do

Biowaste designs, builds and manages plants for treatment and purification of primary industrial waters, those deriving from the process and unloading of the food and paper industries, the industries of glass, chemical, pharmaceutical, galvanic, mechanical, steel, electronics, painting, zootechnics (digestate), of landfill leachate and other wastewater with a high polluting load.

In addition, Biowaste is one of the few players on the national market who can also offer the liquid digestate treatment solutions, as an integral part of a complete proposal, to represent an eco-sustainable solution in a anaerobic digestion’s plant in the Circular Economy’s context.

Our solutions, thanks also to the attention paid to reduce as much as possible the final waste production as for disposal, improve environmental standards and help to increase our Customer’s competitiveness.

Main intervention's sectors:


Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics

Galvanic, Painting, Microelectronics


Biogas and Biomethane Production

Other sectors

Types of Water Treatment Plants

For every need a different wastewater and primary water treatment plant

Bianchino-Impianto biologico tipo SBR

Biological Plants


Chemical-Physical Facilities

Gea - Trattamento acque- Impianto di evaporazione - percolato

Evaporation Plants


Membrane Filtration Plants


Implants with Ion Exchange Resins


Nitrogen Abatement & Recovery Plant


Versatility and reliability

Although international in scope, we are a completely Italian company, our business concept and organization are able to, design and manufacture versatile and reliable plants;

Business Plan Optimization

we are able to refine business plans, making high-performance plants;


Thanks to the design and implementation skills of our technicians, the most suitable treatment technologies are identified according to the specific needs of each client;

Process Efficiency

Thanks to the combination of experience gained over the years and continuous updating, the most innovative treatment processes are proposed;

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