Areas of Application

In the field of design and construction of wastewater treatment and purification plants, regardless of their sector, Leg. Dec. 152/06 requires that best available techniques (BAT ‘Best Available Techniques’) be identified and adopted by the plant operator, with the main objective of achieving the highest possible level of environmental protection.

Biowaste follows this directive by proposing the technically feasible and economically viable plant, control and management techniques that guarantee:

  • Low levels of pollutant emissions;
  • Optimization of chemical, water and energy consumption;
  • Low production of residues to be sent for disposal;
  • Adequate accident prevention.

Our treatment solutions can be applied to the following areas:



Biowaste-Chimico, Farmaceutico, Cosmesi

Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics

Biowaste-Galvanico, Verniciature, Microelettronico-1

Electroplating, Painting, Microelectronics

Biowaste-Industria cartaria

Paper industry


Biogas and biomethane production

Biowaste-trattamento acque

Other areas

Specifically, Biowaste provides a team of highly qualified technical personnel to offer the following services:

Feasibility studies and pilot testing;

Authorization aspects;



Research and assistance with financial aspects;



Facilities management and maintenance;

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