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The object of Biowaste's activities is the design, construction and operation of plants for the production of biogas, biomethane and water treatment.

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Biowaste is born from a joint venture between Renove Group and Fortore Energia S.p.A., to implement the project of Maia Rigenera S.r.l. While the project remained in standby due to external reasons (unrelated to the activities and competence of Renove Group), was consolidated the intention to give a unique and an easily identifiable identity to Renove Group. In the following years Biowaste is becoming a brand and a legal identity.

Today Biowaste is a company 50% owned by Renove Group and 50% by Fortore Energia.

Biowaste’s activity is focused on the design, construction and management of plants for the production of biogas and biomethane and for the wastewater treatment.

Biowaste is presented to the market both as EPC contactor and investor in the field of bioenergy, to ensure a competent and innovative service respecting the environment.

Solutions and Technologies

Biogas and Biomethane
Water Treatment


Feasibility studies and pilot testing

Research and assistance with financial aspects

Authorization aspects





Plant operation and maintenance

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