The History

Biowaste is born from a joint venture between Renove Group and Fortore Energia S.p.A., to implement the project of Maia Rigenera S.r.l. While the project remained in standby due to external reasons (unrelated to the activities and competence of Renove Group), was consolidated the intention to give a unique and an easily identifiable identity to Renove Group. In the following years Biowaste is becoming a brand and a legal identity.

Today Biowaste is a company 50% owned by Renove Group and 50% by Fortore Energia.

History in a thread


To become the global supplier of sustainable and complementary solutions in line with real targets and criteria for the transition to the Circular Economy model.


To transform what’s considered waste into a precious resource with innovative technological solutions and a personalized personalized approach.


Customer focus

Creating a positive customer experience begins with listening and real consideration of its needs, which lies in concrete and personalized responses; staying faithful to the words we speak and the bonds we create becomes the basis of the relationship. It is no coincidence that our best signalers have always been our satisfied customers and their word of mouth is our most successful marketing action.

Planet focus

Respect and care, environmental protection and optimal, smart use of its resources are the basis of our work.


To act with a strong ethics in every aspect of our being and doing business is a priority for all those who represent the organization and behavior of the company as a whole.

Innovation and Research

Continuing evolutionary research towards the improvement of possible solutions and offered services is our global value. What stops or limits itself to standardization becomes stagnant, the evolution lies in always setting new goals and in the continuous search for new methods and solutions to the needs of the market but also of the society of which we are an integral part.

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