Agricultural & Zootecnical sector

The plants designed and tailor-made by Biowaste for the specific needs of companies in the agricultural and livestock sectors enable the agro-livestock cycle to be completed.

The choice to build an agricultural biogas plant constitutes a great opportunity for the agricultural entrepreneur who wants to enhance low-cost matrices (slurry, manure, farm waste) with the production of high-quality, odorless and free soil improver.

Biowaste develops plants powered by agricultural by-products for the production of biogas and/or biomethane of different sizes.

Agricultural biogas plant scheme


Ad hoc sizing for each project;

Multistage digestion to ensure the optimization of the biological process and the maximization of economic results;

Double loading system to ensure maximum autonomy and usage continuity;

Low electrical and thermal consumption system.

How is it composed?

Pre-tank for loading of pumpable matrices and dilution;

Hopper for loading palatable solid matrices;

Pumping station for flexible plant's use;

Cogenerator and methane / biogas boiler to cover the electrical and thermal plant's self-consumption;

The primary and secondary digesters;

Biogas treatment composed of:

  • Biological desulphurization with oxygen quality control inside the biogas;
  • Washing towers;
  • Upgrading system for the purification of biogas to biomethane.

Types of installations

Farm with biogas plant?



Slaughterhouse Waste Plants


Installations in Pollina

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