Industrial and Food & Beverage

We study the most complex production processes and combine our anaerobic solutions with aerobic ones for any kind of waste enhancing it perfectly and integrating it to the production purification cycle. Biowaste acts as a strategic partner serving the food industry, providing technologies and expertise aimed at reducing management costs, solving all issues related to industrial processes such as compliance with regulatory limits for effluent discharge, and bringing significant benefits with energy valorization and the recovery of by-products and wastewater for the production of Biogas or Biomethane. It all adds up to an economically and environmentally sustainable plant.

Schematic diagram of biogas cogeneration plant


Lowering disposal costs;

Energy transformation of by-products for electricity and thermal energy production for self-consumption;

Production of biomethane to be fed into the grid or as biofuel and production of natural fertilizer;

Industrial process optimization;

Reduction of management costs;

Stop interruptions in the production cycle;

Ensuring the highest environmental and functional standards;

How is it composed?

Process water lifting station;


Screening and squeezing unit for industrial waste;

Loading pre-tank;

Centralized pumping unit;

Anaerobic digesters;




Oar cabin;


Clarified storage basin;

Solid Centrifugate Composting Line;

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