Bio Preveza – 999 kWe

Biogas plant

Bio Preveza - Greece

The biogas plant is located in Preveza, Greece, and provides 1 MW of installed electrical capacity. The innovative Design and established technology, fully developed by Biowaste, make this plant one of the flagships of our solutions for the energy valorization of agro-livestock matrices. The following diagram shows the different areas that make up the plant.

Biogas plant data sheet

Biogas plant data sheet
999 kW
Annual electricity production
8,491,500 kWh
Annual biogas production
4,186,550 cu m
Average conc. of methane (CH4 ) in biogas
55 %
Cattle manure, poultry manure, vegetable wastes and whey
Tot. 180 ton
Liquid loading sump
400 cu m
Solids loading hopper
40 cu m
Primary digester
4500 cu m
Post digester
5800 mc

The plant feeds nearly 8 5 million kilowatt hours into the grid each year through cogeneration.

The feeding plan is designed to dose matrices with different characteristics on a daily basis through an automated loading system capable of creating a homogeneous mix to be sent to digesters.

The primary digester avoids sediment formation thanks to a special removal system at the bottom and sends the properly mixed and heated biomass to the post digester, finalizing the fermentation process for maximum biogas production.


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