The process

The biomass pre-treatment phase is a technological process for the benefit of proper anaerobic digestion and is essential for those raw materials that are difficult to digest or mix within the reactors. In this way, the feed matrix is made homogeneous and is able to release its full methanogenic potential for increased biogas production.

Biowaste has developed several pretreatment solutions over the years for different types of biomass destined for anaerobic digestion. Mechanical treatments, with special shredding systems, chemical treatments and heat treatments with the added benefit of breaking down the possible presence of pathogens.

The pretreatment stage has the following advantages:

Flexibility in the choice of raw materials to feed the plant;

Absence of sedimentation in the tanks;

Reduction of fresh liquid matrices for biomass dilution;

Obtaining a homogeneous and easily pumpable feed mix;

Ease of mixing within reactors and reduction of self-consumption;

Reducing the volumes of pre-tanks and digesters;

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