Soc. Agricola Licitra – 300 kWe

Biogas plant

Soc. Agricola Licitra - Ragusa, Italy

The biogas plant reaches 300kW of installed electrical power. The benefits from biogas are manifold, particularly electricity and heat produced by cogeneration are used for the energy needs of agricultural activity in addition to an economic return obtained from the sale of the electrical surplus. In this way, environmental sustainability is achieved from a circular economy perspective.

Biogas plant data sheet

Biogas plant data sheet
300 kW
Annual electricity production
2,550,000 kWh
Annual biogas production
1,520,000 cubic meters
Average conc. of methane (CH4 ) in biogas
54 %
Cattle manure, poultry manure, vegetable wastes and whey
Tot. 60 tons
Liquid loading sump
300 cu m
Solids loading hopper
40 cu m
Primary digester
Ø 20 m - H 6 m
Post digester
Ø 20 m - H 6 m
Liquid digestate storage tank
Ø 26 m - H 6 m

The biogas plant is aimed at producing 300 kWh of electricity through cogeneration.

In particular, the anaerobic biological process was selected with mesophilic bacterial species operating at temperatures near 38 to 42 °C.

The anaerobic digestion process degrades the organic matter contained in the matrices fed to the plant to produce biogas. In addition, digestate is used in agriculture as a fertilizer to return nutrients to the soil.


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