Case Study

Mesopotamia Energy S.A

BIOGAS PLANT 3MWh Mesopotamia Energy S.A. Larissa, Greece Watch the video The biogas plant located in Larissa, Greece, designed and built by Biowaste, produces 3 MWh of electricity. Its innovative concept and successful technology make it an ideal answer for converting agricultural and livestock matrices into energy. The operation of the system is depicted in […]

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EAL Compost- 4000 kWe

Biogas and biomethane plant, powered by OFMSW EAL Compost – Terranova dei Passerini, Lodi (IT) The plant serves several municipalities in the province of Lodi and aims to recover municipal solid waste and vegetable waste, giving new life to the waste to produce electricity in addition to the production of high-quality compost. A virtuous example

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Soc. Agricola Pontoni- 100 kWe

Biogas plant Soc. Agricola Pontoni – Vitulazio (CE) Biogas plant fed exclusively by buffalo wastewater and whey. With the electricity and heat produced, the farm achieves 100 percent energy autonomy with an additional kWhel surplus to feed into the grid. A true example of environmental sustainability perfectly integrated with a business model. Biogas plant data

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Leonardo S.p.A. – Aerostructures Division.

Groundwater treatment plant Plant with a capacity of 82 m³/h for the removal of hexavalent chromium and trace amounts of chlorinated solvents from groundwater. THE CLIENT. Leonardo S p A Aerostructures Division, Pomigliano D’Arco, Naples (IT) Treatment capacity: 82 m³/h Technology used: Filtration process on two parallel treatment lines each consisting of:– Sand filtration for

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Maia Rigenera Srl

Plant for treatment of stormwater runoff from forecourts The Plant treats first rain water produced by runoff from the yards of a composting plant The amount of water to be treated is 180 m³ per rain event. THE CLIENT. Maia Rigenera Srl, FORSU composting plant, Lucera, Foggia (IT) Treatment capacity: 4 m³/h Technology used: Physical

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Tomatis Farm – 249 kWe

Biogas plant Tomatis Farm – Fossano (CN) The anaerobic digestion plant integrates seamlessly into the farm’s production cycle. Slurry from pig farming is enhanced for the production of electricity and thermal energy. In addition, at the end of the process the digestate produced is used as a high-quality natural fertilizer. Biogas plant data sheet Biogas

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Bio Preveza – 999 kWe

Biogas plant Bio Preveza – Greece The biogas plant is located in Preveza, Greece, and provides 1 MW of installed electrical capacity. The innovative Design and established technology, fully developed by Biowaste, make this plant one of the flagships of our solutions for the energy valorization of agro-livestock matrices. The following diagram shows the different

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Soc. Agricola Licitra – 300 kWe

Biogas plant Soc. Agricola Licitra – Ragusa, Italy The biogas plant reaches 300kW of installed electrical power. The benefits from biogas are manifold, particularly electricity and heat produced by cogeneration are used for the energy needs of agricultural activity in addition to an economic return obtained from the sale of the electrical surplus. In this

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