July 2022

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Biowaste and CIB: unity is strength

Unity is strength, they say, and we at Biowaste have always believed in the value of constructive competitiveness and dialogue, strong in our individuality and experience. United for several years with CIB – Consorzio Italiano Biogas, this year we decided to share and support together some of the most significant initiatives in the country in …

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EAL Compost- 4000 kWe

Biogas and biomethane plant, powered by OFMSW EAL Compost – Terranova dei Passerini, Lodi (IT) The plant serves several municipalities in the province of Lodi and aims to recover municipal solid waste and vegetable waste, giving new life to the waste to produce electricity in addition to the production of high-quality compost. A virtuous example …

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Soc. Agricola Pontoni- 100 kWe

Biogas plant Soc. Agricola Pontoni – Vitulazio (CE) Biogas plant fed exclusively by buffalo wastewater and whey. With the electricity and heat produced, the farm achieves 100 percent energy autonomy with an additional kWhel surplus to feed into the grid. A true example of environmental sustainability perfectly integrated with a business model. Biogas plant data …

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So.Gi.S INDUSTRIA CHIMICA S.p.A – Oleochemical Biorefinery

Discharge treatment plant The plant consists of a chemical-physical pretreatment section and a final biological section for organic load removal. THE CLIENT. So gi s S p A – Sospiro Cremona (IT) Treatment capacity: 600 m³/g Technology used: Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) type activated sludge chemical-physical and biological treatment THE PROBLEM.The plant produces fatty acid …

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Sasil S.r.l. – Integrated mining treatments

Plant for treatment and recycling of wastewater produced by glass recovery The plant consists of an initial chemical-physical pretreatment section for the removal of suspended solids and afinal biological for the removal of organic load (COD and BOD₅ and nitrogen compounds). THE CLIENT. Sasil S.r.l. – Integrated mining treatments, Brusnengo, Biella (IT) Treatment capacity: 240 …

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Leonardo S.p.A. – Aerostructures Division.

Groundwater treatment plant Plant with a capacity of 82 m³/h for the removal of hexavalent chromium and trace amounts of chlorinated solvents from groundwater. THE CLIENT. Leonardo S p A Aerostructures Division, Pomigliano D’Arco, Naples (IT) Treatment capacity: 82 m³/h Technology used: Filtration process on two parallel treatment lines each consisting of:– Sand filtration for …

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