Revamping Service

We were recently contacted in #Greece by the owner of a 1MWe #biogas plant built in the past with another manufacturer and in need of technological modernization- #revamping,- as well as increasing the amount of matrices to be allocated to the plant. We were, therefore, in charge of the #planning and #realisation a new plant section consisting of: – new loading area for the treatment and pumping of various matrices including cat.3 (slaughterhouse waste); – new #digestoranaerobic in steel #glazednew pasteurisation section of the #digested in compliance with the regulations in force; – disconnection activities of the existing plant, supervision, cleaning and electromechanical efficiency; – connection activities with the new plant section including all process lines and fully integrated management by our PLC. Once the project is ready, plant start-up assistance and monitoring will also be provided, both on-site and remotely, by specialised Biowaste technicians. #WorkInProgress #Services #WasteToEnergy


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