“La Regina Dei Mazzoni” Dairy – New plant tested

Tested a new water treatment plant for the dairy “La Regina Dei Mazzoni” in Cancello ed Arnone in the province of Caserta.

Again, due to the improved flexibility, simplicity and efficiency, the Client decided to divest the old traditional biological plant in favor of SBR technology.

The plant treats 100 m³/d of dairy industry effluent complying with the discharge limits according to Table A of Annex 3 (Legislative Decree 152/06 – Limits for discharge to surface water).

Strengths of Biowaste plants:

  1. SBR with prefabricated vitrified steel panels that avoid the need for permission for civil works and allow rapid implementation (less than 10 days);
  2. Experience and expertise in design (biology and engineering), as from the start of testing the plant came to “full operation” after less than 20 days.


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