Farming Tour 2022 – the dates not to be missed!

We are pleased to announce our presence during the upcoming BiogasFattoBene events organized by CIB – Consorzio Italiano Biogas.

This year we decided to confirm our presence during the second and fourth stages of the tour, which will be held, respectively:

  • In Veneto, at the agricultural company Genagricola S.p.A. in the province of Venice on April 21;
  • In Lombardy, at the farm “La Castellana” in Corbetta, Pavia province, on June 16.

Biowaste has grown by consolidating its presence both abroad and in Italy, where it remains a reality with a careful, personalized and highly innovative approach, and it is a pleasure to participate in this occasion of knowledge and dialogue with local realities of the territories in which we feel rooted for a long time.

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