Paper industry

Paper industry's waste water treatment and purification plants

This category includes industries for the paper production (graphic papers, special papers and packaging) and their derivatives such as cardboard, boxes, etc.

Biowaste is able to offer different plant solutions for:


In case it is necessary to treat primary water to make it suitable for the production process, we propose:

In particular, for the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, a final electrodialysis (EDI) section can be provided for the production of “ultrapure” water.


The following types of plants (or a combination thereof) are planned for water purification:

A dissolved air flotation section (DAF) can be installed upstream of the treatment plant for fiber recovery.

In the most complex cases, to determine the most cost-effective treatment process in terms of “capex” and “opex,” we propose a feasibility study before proceeding with the final plant bid that includes:

  • Wastewater sampling and analysis;
  • Treatment trials on pilot plants;
  • Drafting the final report.
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