Electroplating, Painting, Microelectronics

Water treatment plants for painting, microelectronic and galvanic treatment industries

The main processing and production of industries belonging to these sectors include:

  • Metal surface treatments (galvanizing, chrome plating, anodizing);
  • Painting (Home Appliances, Automotive);
  • Production of printed circuit boards, electronic boards, etc.

For these types of industries, through the combination of different technologies, “zero discharge” treatment systems can be realized , aimed at almost total recycling of process water and recovery of raw materials (chromium, nickel, etc.).

Biowaste is able to offer different plant solutions for:


In case it is necessary to treat primary water to make it suitable for the production process, we propose:

In particular, for the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, a final electrodialysis (EDI) section can be provided for the production of “ultrapure” water.


The following types of plants (or a combination thereof) are planned for wastewater treatment:

In the most complex cases, to determine the most cost-effective treatment process in terms of “capex” and “opex,” we propose a feasibility study before proceeding with the final plant bid that includes:

  • Wastewater sampling and analysis;
  • Treatment trials on pilot plants;
  • Drafting the final report.
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