Digestate Treatment

Digestate treatment from biogas and biomethane plants

In the anaerobic digestion process, Biogas and Biomethane plants (agricultural, industrial, OFMSW) produce digestate, which requires further treatment in order to obtain a stabilized and environmentally compatible material.

Normally, through a separation process (with presso-coclea or centrifuge) they produce:

  • Solid, palatable digestate that is sent to a composting process;
  • Liquid digestate, which can have different physical, chemical and biological characteristics depending on the matrices entering the plant.

Liquid digestate has a high water content and is loaded with ammonia nitrogen (NH4), characteristics, these, which can lead to a number of problems related to:

  • Spreading (Nitrates Directive);
  • Biological instability in the anaerobic digestion process;
  • Increased storage volumes;
  • High transportation or disposal costs.

Biowaste proposes the following technologies (or a combination thereof) applicable to solving these problems:

In the most complex cases, to determine the most cost-effective treatment process in terms of “capex” and “opex,” we propose a feasibility study before proceeding with the final plant bid that includes:

  • Wastewater sampling and analysis;
  • Treatment trials on pilot plants;
  • Drafting the final report.
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