MBR facilities

MBR – Membrane Biological Reactor, combining biological degradation processes with membrane filtration, are being proposed increasingly in wastewater treatment plants, thanks to the advantages that characterize them compared to conventional processes.

The biological unit of the MBR reactors allows the biodegradation of contaminants, while the membrane modules allow the physical separation between activated sludge and clarified waters; thereby, the secondary sedimentation unit of CAS plants is replaced.

Plant diagram


Reduction of plant areas (compared to CAS systems); Ÿ Absence

Absence of suspended solids in the plant effluent;

Treatment efficiencies ≥ 99%

Possible reuse of the effluent, after a possible refinement treatment with nanofiltration membranes and / or reverse osmosis.

CIP (Cleaning In Place) systems with chemical reagents are normally provided, to ensure the correct performances and efficiencies of the membranes.

MBR plants, individually or in combination with other technologies, can be used to treat wastewaters deriving from the following sectors:


Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics


Biogas and Biomethane Production

Other sectors

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