Plant Revamping

Biowaste is able to carry out the reconversion of an existing plant, with the goal of giving continuity to the investment made previously in compliance with the latest environmental regulatory changes.

Specifically, the service consists of a detailed and customized offer based on the needs of the interlocutor, provision of a feasibility study, financial documents (business plan), and support for the bureaucratic and authorization process required to obtain the necessary permits in order to proceed with the revamping of the plant.

We perform all the necessary tests at our laboratory and engineering department and work on project implementation with subsequent commissioning.

There are many benefits to be gained through revamping:

Implementation of innovative technologies with related improvement of production processes and overall plant performance;

Adaptation of facility with a view to increased personnel safety;

Reduction of routine maintenance costs;

Adjustment of electro-mechanical components in compliance with best-practice techniques;

Lower energy consumption and consequent improvement in energy efficiency;

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