Feasibility studies and pilot testing

Feasibility analysis of biogas and water treatment plants

Biowaste performs detailed feasibility studies in order to research the most suitable plant configuration to meet the customer’s needs. Biowaste’s reliability is the result of experience and careful testing of the possible variables of a potential project. Therefore, pilot testing and preliminary analysis become the mainstay and guarantee of success for every project.

Pilot tests for feasibility studies, which include Biogas and Biomethane, are conducted at the chemical laboratory.


Characterization of substrates with qualitative-quantitative analysis;

Digestate characterization;

Fermentation test;

Identification of the best solutions to optimize the process;


Analysis of water and wastewater to be treated;

Identification of the best treatment process;

Final technical-economic report containing:

  • Flow diagram (P&Id) of the plant;
  • Analysis results;
  • Supply price;
  • Outline of project ROI;

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