Facility management and maintenance

Biogas, Biomethane and Waste Water Treatment Plant Service

The company is structured to offer a complete service including maintenance, service and technical support.

The proposed services:

Routine management and preventive and periodic maintenance plan structured for Customer's needs;

Control analysis at the chemical laboratory;

Analysis of the existing situation and verification of any critical issues;

Automation, supervision and sampling: each BIOWASTE plant is equipped with remote control systems that allow continuous monitoring of plant operation. Upgrades or changes can then be made to the software directly from Biowaste headquarters, thus reducing time and, most importantly, the cost of intervention;

Full service management;

Analysis of input matrices and quality of biogas/biomethane;

Analysis of water and wastewater inputs and treatment yields;

Ready for action with the qualified technical staff;

Remote supervision service and direct telephone support of PLC and plant software;

Dedicated electromechanical service on an annual basis with scheduled visits;

Advice and assistance on the purchases of spare parts at market price;

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