Biogas, Biomethane and Wastewater Treatment Plant Design

Once the optimal process has been defined, Biowaste carries out an inspection at the customer’s site to identify the area for the installation of the plant. Following a detailed design study, Biowaste is able to define the best logistical solutions taking the following aspects into account:

The positioning of the various sections of the system;

Easy and safe operation and maintenance of the system;

In general, the best installation logic, in relation to the customer's specifications.

With its team of technicians and engineers, Biowaste provides:

BIM design

“Building Information Modeling” advanced and accurate 3D modeling of the plant and machines in order to evaluate all technological and plant aspects.

Electrical design

Complete design of the electrical system, from the Electrical Panel to the distribution lines.

Software-PLC Design

Design and verification of plant control and automation logic, graphical simplicity in HMI (SCADA) interface.

Structural design

Structural design and analysis, evaluation of concrete and steel elements.

Dedicated design

Biowaste does not produce off-the-shelf systems and plants, but engineers high-tech technical solutions according to actual customer needs.

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