Manure-fuelled plant

Biowaste designs and builds plants for the production of biomethane and biogas fuelled by poultry manure, allowing livestock farms to treat it directly on their own farms and turn it into a resource.

How does the production of biogas from poultry manure work?

The waste substances are introduced into the appropriate plants in the absence of oxygen and at a controlled temperature; this process allows the bacteria to divide the long organic chains up to the production of methane.

Plant diagram

Advantages of Biogas produced from poultry manure

Reduction of disposal costs

The by-products energy's transformation for the production of electrical and thermal energies for selfconsumption;

Ther biomethane production to be introduced into the network or as a biofuel and production of natural fertilizer;

The industrial processes optimization;

The management costs reduction;

Stop to the production cycle's interruptions;

Guarantee of the highest environmental and functional standards.

How is it composed?

Loading hopper;

Pre-tank specially designed for the present sands decanting;

Anaerobic digestion plant in glazed steel with Biowaste's technology which povides a particular system for sand's removing in the bottom;

Solid / liquid separator and relative storage;

Nitrogen abatement system;

Methane / biogas cogenerator for the electrical and thermal energy production;

Upgrading system for biogas purification with methane concentrations higher than 97.5% vol.;

Emergency flashlight.

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