Biogas plants from OFMSW

BIOWASTE designs and builds plants for the production of biogas and biomethane fuelled by OFMSW (Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste) Thanks to the experience gained at two of the largest plants in Italy and the proprietary plant in the province of Foggia ‘Maia Rigenera’ (192,000 tonnes/year), Biowaste technology boasts a truck record among the most important nationwide for OFMSW treatment and valorisation plants.

Plant diagram

The advantages of biogas from OFMSW

OFMSW pre-treatment line suitable for minimising surplus;

Maximising energy production from the digestion of organic matter;

The digestate's liquid fraction purification to discharge into the surface water body;

OFMSW pressing system, elimination of paper and plastic materials;

Use of BIOWASTE digesters against aggregate deposition and foam formation;

Low electrical and thermal consumption;

Fully developed insourcing technology.

How is it composed?

Pre-treatment of OFMSW

  • Bag opener;
  • Dynamic sieve
  • magnetic metal separator;
  • Squeezer.
  • The load pre-tank with diluition and sand removal;

Anaerobic digestion

  • Single-stage digesters type BIOWASTE;
  • Cold digester.

Composting of the solid fraction of the digestate mixed with the green

Separation and purification of the liquid fraction

  • Helical separators and centrifugues;
  • Biological purification plant with possible membrane section and evaporation for the concentrate reduction and discharge into surface water or into sewer.

Odor treatment line

Energy section using biogas to generate

  • Biomethane for transport or to be placed on the network;
  • Electricity;
  • Heat.

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