Anaerobic Digester

The processes that take place within the anaerobic biodigester are at the heart of the entire anaerobic process; this is where the actual biogas production takes place. Within the anaerobic digester, organic material is mixed to assist the contact between bacteria and substrate. Biowaste has developed a technology for its digester in order to solve the problems related to sedimentation, mixing, foam formation and energy consumption that have always characterized anaerobic digestion of certain matrices.

Features of the Biowaste anaerobic digester:

Corrosion-resistant, self-supporting vitrified steel tank;

Base to height ratio 1:1;

Vertical-axis agitation system with crust-breaker device;

Diffuse exhaust system;

External "tube-in-pipe" heat exchanger;

Anti-foam system at the top;

Biological desulfurization system for H2S abatement;


Reduced maintenance interventions;

Operation in mesophilic and thermophilic regimes;

Continuous recirculation of the substrate;

Reduced energy consumption;

Absence of sedimentation;

Speed of installation;

Valorization of construction material in case of plant decommissioning;

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