Anaerobic Digestion Process

Anaerobic digestion in the degradation of organic material by methanogenic bacteria and hydrogenotrophic under anaerobiosis conditions.

Biomasses are made up of organic substances that can be degraded anaerobically to produce biogas (methane) and therefore electricity and heat through cogeneration and / or biomethane by means of Upgrading plants.

Thanks to the special technologies and applied plant engineering choices, the natural biological process of anaerobic digestion maximizes both- the energy recovery and the stabilization of the solid residues of the process.


  • Revenues from sale of electricity and valorisation of heat;
  • Revenues from sale of biometan;
  • Savings on disposal of residues (reduced quantity);
  • Nutrient removal and recovery from digestate;
  • Reduced odour emissions from digestate compared to raw material;
  • Improving of digestate characteristic to use it as a fertilizer;
  • Digestate stability;
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Valorisation of organic waste and waste with reduction of disposal costs.