The system that characterizes the BIOWASTE anaerobic plants, is a result of continuous technological evolution which has the purpose to manage better substrates with biologically complex characteristics and systems fictitiou s heterogeneous, in order to achieve maximum yields.

The key element is represented by the extreme flexibility in the management of biomass during fermentation; the primary and the secondary digesters are designed to have very efficient mixing characteristics with self-consumption contents, specific systems for removing aggregate deposits on the bottom and scum on the surface, external or internal heat exchangers which allow the temperature of the digestate in both- mesophilic and thermophilic to be managed with extreme precision.

BIOWASTE digesters are made of glazed steel or concrete depending on the type of raw material. They are designed and produced in a customed way and the entire supply chain, from design to construction, is controlled by our technical office.

Our plants are technologically advanced and evolved, allowing remote monitoring because of the use of specific PLC systems. All this is in order to maintain, technically assist, and support the biological part.



Versatile and reliable
BIOWASTE is entirely Italian , our business concept and our organization are able to conceive, design and implement versatile and reliable systems.

Yield maximization
Thanks to our design and construction versatility, our systems maximize the production yield of both-biogas and biomethane.

BP optimization
With a series of plant optimizations we are able to improve the business plan from both perspectives – a management cost point of view and procurement of revenues, creating high-performance systems.

Suitable for any type of biomass
Our technicians design and build systems that work with any type of biomass in order to optimize the costs and to make waste or a by-product an economic resource for your company after all.