History of a Joint Venture

History of a Joint Venture

Two paths, two similar realities, a common goal: environmental protection. And thus was born Biowaste.

Fortore Energia and Solarfotonica initially were born as small local companies operating in the renewable energy sector. Each of them has twenty years of experience in their respective markets. Biowaste is a result of the joined effort, knowledge, and expertise of the two companies, comprising the best of both. Its goal is to excel on the Italian renewable energy market as a highly qualified company operating within the most important sectors of the bioenergy.

Biowaste pays special attention to two types of activities:

  • Production of Electricity, Biomethane and Heat through Anaerobic digestion plants;
  • Water purification process on behalf of industries such as agri-food, paper, glass, chemical-pharmaceutical, mechanical, and iron and steel;

From the design to the management of the systems, Biowaste scrupulously follows every phase of the process to be able to guarantee 360 ° services with quality standards higher than those that can be found on the market.

In its dual role of EPC Contactor and Investor, Biowaste appears as a strategic partner in the sector, providing not only technological know-how and operating methodologies, but also financial strength and knowledge of the field for all realities in the energy sector.

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