Solarfotonica was established at the end of 1997 as a company designed for a special activity in the construction of photovoltaic systems 40 MW installed and 5 MW owned.

In 2011 the company enters the bioenergy and water sector, fields in which it is distinguished as an operator of primary importance and innovative know-how.

Over the years, the Solarfotonica Group has increased its experience and skills by participating in the design and construction of over 30 MW of anaerobic digestion plants powered by industrial and agricultural matrices (Forsu, scraps of slaughterhouse and dairy waste, agricultural products and subproducts), including the process of waste treatment (digestate).

Solarfotonica has experience in the treatment of wastewater from the food, paper, glass, chemical, pharmaceutical, galvanic, mechanical, iron, and steel industries.

In 2018 Maia Rigenera chooses the Solarfotonica technology for the development of the Upgrade project of the Lucera composting plant.