Agriculture and Livestock

BIOWASTE develops plants powered by agricultural and livestock by-products for the production of biomethane.

Our plants start from 150 Nmc up to 2000 Nmc of biomethane or from 100 kW to 10 MW of electricity for the production of electricity.


  • Tailor-made sizing for each individual project
  • Double loading system to ensure maximum autonomy and continuity of service
  • Multistage digestion to ensure the optimization of the biological process and the maximization of economic results
  • Low electrical and thermal consumption system

The plant is composed as follows:

  • Pre-tank for loading of pumpable matrices and dilution
  • Hopper for loading the solid shovelable matrices
  • Pumping station for flexible use of the system
  • Electricity production solution
  • Cogenerator
  • Biomethane solution
  • Cogenerator and natural gas boiler to cover the electrical and thermal self-consumption of the system
  • Primary and secondary digesters

Biogas treatment consisting of:

  • Biological desulphurization with control of the oxygen quality inside the biogas
  • Washing towers
  • Upgrading system for biogas purification